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ACO Driveway and Patio Drainage

Installing the right drainage for your driveway, garden or patio is essential.

With almost 30 years of landscaping and driveway installing experience we understand the importance of good drainage on a new drive or patio. Inadequate drainage on driveways and patios can cause flooding and over time significant damage to your property, driveway and paved areas. We will advise on the best ACO drainage on all installations to ensure rain and surface water are drained safely away from your property.

Examples of Drainage Channels and ACO Drainage

Driveway Drainage Tips

Do you find long standing puddles on your driveway or patio every time it rains?  This is usually a sign your driveway doesn’t have adequate drainage installed. There are a number of things to consider when installing a new driveway or patio.

  • The angle of the drive, where possible it’s always best to angle the drive gently away from the property
  • Add channels to safely drain away rain and surface water.
  • Install ACO drainage to collect surface water from your driveway. This is then channelled into a water sewer, underground sewer or a soakaway.
  • Install a permeable surface to absorb the water.

If you have any questions about garden, driveway and patio drainage please get in touch.

Drainage problems on your driveway?

If you have problems with a flooded driveway or water collecting in pools on your drive, then there is likely a problem with the drainage system installed. With all new driveway and patio installations it’s vitally important that adequate drainage and channels are installed. If the correct drainage is not installed, it means water collects on your drive and paved areas – this can cause additional wear on the driveway and in some circumstances damage to your property. If you’re experiencing drainage problems on your driveway or patio please get in touch and we might be able to assist and install additional drainage to carry water away from your property.

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